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nicolle / ♌ / 26 / nor cal
3DS FC: 1332-8658-0286
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Steam: Siofra Fiore
FFXIV: Fariha Nejem (Siren)

current fandom obsessions:
bravely default, homestuck, mass effect, the last of us, ace attorney, & free!

other loves:
animal crossing, welcome to night vale, rotbtd, pokemon, professor layton, fire emblem, atla, mlp: fim, game of thrones, the avengers, supernatural, sailor moon, adventure time, gravity falls, miyazaki films, disney, dreamworks, final fantasy, kingdom hearts, pacific rim, dragon age, gta, music, photography, cute animals and shit that makes me laugh

Fluffy little house sparrow - taken by the San Francisco piers March 27, 2013

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